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About Our Shopping Services

Save yourself the time and money of taking a trip down to Fort Collins, Loveland, or beyond with Fox Run. With our personalized shopping services, we’ll take the hassle out of your errands in the valley so that you can focus on other tasks.

Tasks Our Shoppers Handle

At Fox Run, our personal shopping experience is designed to ensure that we check off all the boxes on your to-do list. We are able to help with just about any task at any business. We offer the following services to Estes Park area residents and visitors.

  • Shopping — Grocery, clothes, personal items, etc.

  • Errands — Pick up prescriptions, dry cleaning, etc.

  • Courier — Run documents, items, etc.

How It Works

You can engage our services either from our website, via email, or by phone.

For shopping, you have two options:

You can place an order with a specific store and pay them directly. In this case, you would indicate to them at that time that you have designated our company to pick up your order. We would then pick up your order and deliver it to you, and when we do, you will pay us for our services.

You can provide us with your list of designated stores and/or items. We will do your shopping for you using your list. With this option, you would provide cash in advance, or your credit card information which would then be charged for items purchased and also for our fees.


Our fees are $35 per hour plus $.50 per mile. If more than one trip is required, the rates are the same. If you have an urgent request that needs to be handled immediately or ASAP, there will be an additional charge of $50 (per trip, if more than one trip required). If there are obstacles(e.g. road construction, accident, or other obstruction) beyond the control of errand runner, additional time required will be charged at the same rate (although errand runner will make every effort to be aware of and avoid any knowable obstacles). We accept payments from major credit card providers along with PayPal and Venmo.

Who Is Fox Run For?

Fox Run is for anybody living in or visiting the Estes Park area who doesn’t want to make the trip out of the mountains. Our rates are the same no matter what your circumstances may be. Perhaps you’re a new parent, are elderly, have conflicting responsibilities, don’t have a license, are anxious about driving, prefer not to drive in the snow — the list could go on as there are plenty of reasons to hire Fox Run and eliminate a menial, time-consuming task or two from your day. Contact our team today to let us know more about the errands you need to be completed and we’ll be glad to help.

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Ready to leverage our personalized shopping experience? Contact the team at Fox Run today! We offer a truly personal and custom errand experience and can’t wait to help you save hours of time. Start now!